WordCamp Austin 2012 Ticketing — Oh My!

This was the first year we used the WordCamp.org ticketing process.

To try to be as fair as possible, we released the tickets in waves.

Our goal was to give everybody a shot at getting tickets no matter what their work schedule.

For the most part, we reached that egalitarian goal…

There were however, some serious systemic hiccups.

We did not capture the data we need.

In order for us to order the right mix of food — veggie vs. BBQ and to get our Tee shirt order right, we needed our ticket buyers to fill out the form that was part of the ticketing process.

About 50% of our ticketed attendees, either did not have a chance to get that information in before the ticketing plugin timed out; or were so  happy to get the ticket bought and paid for they left site before filing out the required information.

We will be contacting these ticket holders Tuesday and Wednesday of this week with an online form to gather the information we need.

The tee shirt order has to go in by Thursday PM so please respond right away.

If you don’t  respond to the form, we will declare you a fan of BBQ who wears a size large shirt.

For those who missed out on tickets for this year…

Some of our Sponsors may not use their assigned tickets.

By next week we know if we have a few more tickets to make available for sale.

If we do have a few more tickets available, we will post it on this site, our Facebook page and we will tweet it.

All of the WordCamp Austin 2012 sessions will be recorded and available on WordPress.tv.

Thanks for your support of WordCampAustin 2012!



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3 Responses to WordCamp Austin 2012 Ticketing — Oh My!

  1. Sherry Lowry says:

    Last week was heroic in many ways in how this 2012 Wordcamp Austin Team pulled magic out of every possibility of a workaround for each of the Tech God’s gotcha’s. Made me so proud to be a part of this pioneering group and year.

  2. Jake Jabbs says:

    Usually these Wordcamps are in auditoriums with lots of empty seats. Why is the Austin wordcamp being held at a small renovated house? You charge ticket prices and you have sponsors yet in Austin Texas you cannot find a bigger venue? Plan better next year.

    • wcaustin says:

      Hi Jake,

      It appears you may have incorrect information. WordCamp Austin is being held at the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, and there will be over 250 people in attendance. Unfortunately many of the venues in Austin are too small, cost-prohibitive, do not allow us to bring in our own food, and/or do not have wifi capabilities to the degree that a conference such as WordCamp requires. We looked at many venues and chose this one as the best of all of the options. If you have recommendations for next year, we would love to hear them, as we would like to include more people if we can do so while keeping the event low-cost and inclusive.