attendees at WordCamp
Thanks to all of our speakers for the great jobs they did! There were a few last-minute schedule changes, so thanks to the the pinch-hitters who made it all work!

Brandon Kraft – Why WordPress Is A More Powerful Word Processor Than You Think

Brandon Kraft and Leandrew

Brandon Kraft

Jared Atchison – bbPress 101

Jared Atchison

Jared Atchison

Stephanie Leary – Keeping It Simple

Stephanie Leary

Stephanie Leary

Eric Weiss – Content Is King

Eric Weiss

Eric Weiss

Josh Ward – Darth Vader’s Guide to SEO and Galactic Domination

Josh Ward

Josh Ward

Aaron Campbell – Community – How to Get Involved

Aaron Campbell

Aaron Campbell

Chris Wiegman – Securing WordPress Is Easier Thank Making Coffee

Chris Wiegman

Chris Wiegman

Leslie Hancock – Developing a Distinctive Online Voice

Leslie Hancock

Leslie Hancock

Nick Batik – Designer’s Guide to Working With WordPress Developers

Nick Batik

Nick Batik

Clark Wimberly – Child Themes

Clark Wimberly

Clark Wimberly

Ilene Haddad, Crystal R. R. Edwards, Amanda Quaraishi and Corrin Foster – But don’t you know who I am???

Ilene Haddad, Corrin Foster, Amanda Quraishi, Crystal R R Edwards

Ilene Haddad, Corrin Foster, Amanda Quraishi, Crystal R R Edwards

Debra Schmidt – Monetizing Your WordPress Sites

Debra Schmidt

Debra Schmidt

Automattic Team – Things We Learned the Hard Way – Things WordPress Pros Wish They’d Known Years Ago

Code Poets Pete Davies and Evan Solomon

Code Poets Pete Davies and Evan Solomon

Elizabeth Quintanilla – Yes, I can have multiple language site

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Elizabeth Quintanilla

Thomas Umstattd Jr – 12 Secrets of Excellent Blogs

Thomas Umstattd Jr

Thomas Umstattd Jr

Laurie Leiker – Blogging for the Real World

Laurie Leiker

Laurie Leiker

Bill Erickson – Managing a Freelance WordPress Development Business

Bill Erickson

Bill Erickson

Chris Olbekson – The query, the whole query and nothing but the query

Chris Olbekson

Chris Olbekson

Clark Wimberly – Mastering Custom Post Types

Clark Wimberly

Clark Wimberly

Nando Caban-Mendez – If You Build, They Will Come, Right?

Nando Caban-Mendez

Nando Caban-Mendez

Look for all the videos to eventually be available on WordPress.TV’s WordCampTV. It takes some time as there is editing to be done and many procedural steps to be followed, but they will be there! (Videotaping sessions is a new WordCamp requirement). You can watch presentations from other WordCamps in the meantime.

Also check the WP Austin site where we will share the presentations.

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Job Board De-Coded + + +

final job board

Job Board

As promised, here’s what was on the Job Board at WordCamp Austin. Now Nick can erase it all!

A few weren’t quite legible by the end of the day, so if that was you then contact us and we’ll get it fixed!

So, kinda going in a clockwise circle around the board. . .

Highly experienced Content Creator Karen Johnson
Karen Johhson@me.com

Hiring a WP Dev in the next few weeks
mark-c@txwn.ed (??)
?? community ??

@billerickson is hiring designers.
Work with client to create PSD.
I handle dev

Hiring web designers (full-time)
(creative skills, content, use WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite)
Jeffrey Palermo

2500 Business Cards $90

Designer for hire
wow.mypandamonium.com (?)

DARS needs web dev
Ally specialist

Designer for Hire
Ansa Copeland
WordPress, Joomla, UI, UX

Developers needed
Cntact Melissa Villiamzar

Looking for designers

Senior Software Developer Needed
.Net/C#, SQL server

Looking for WP theme develop—(?)
We design, you make the theme –
contract/part time
work from home!

Always on the hunt
for fab designers, developers & writers
Vitamin T

Looking for theme dev

Design work wanted
Deb Schmidt

Designer needed FT

Hiring full time
Android & IOS developers

Looking for Freelance / PT
WP, Drupal, HTML, CSS

Build WordPress.com!

Bobbie Wilson
Looking for projects!
WordPress Dev
HTML Ninja
CSS Superstar

Looking for
freelance WP Devs

The Creative Group
Helping WordPress developers
like you find freelance
and full-time work!
kristen humphrey@creativegroup.com

Developers Needed
Eye in the Sky is hiring
WP Plug-in Developers
contact Anthony@eyeinthesky.org

Designer for hire
Eva Gonzales

WP Engine
-WP Support
-System Administration
WPE is hard work and tons of fun!
www.wpengine.com/5k <--- watch that!

Sponsor Job Pages

In case you missed these. . .

Check out jobs at Automattic!


A Small Orange
Eye in the Sky Collective.

The Creative Group

Texenza Coffee

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The Best Volunteers in the World!

If it’s true that an event is only as good as the volunteers, then WordCamp Austin must have been phenomenal!

Our small army of folks started arriving at 7:00 am to help get everything set up and ready for registration. Shirts and name badges were already prepped and ready to go thanks to the dedicated work of a number of people a few days before, so it was easy work to lay everything out. Others helped hang signs and banners, put out beverages, set up electrical cords and tables in the classrooms (we made sure everyone could plug in!), and lay out our sponsor swag.

And then off we went!

Throughout the day it was difficult to find anything that needed to be done, because the volunteers took charge of every tiny detail and made sure things ran like clockwork.

  • We need recycling containers? Done.
  • Speaker release forms? Done.
  • Presentation introductions and surveys? Done.
  • Happiness bar assistance? Done, done, done.

It was fantastic to see how many people took the initiative and got the job done – even if it was a task we had never anticipated beforehand!

At the end of the day, the volunteers moved back in like a swarm of fire ants and magically, in minutes everything was back in its place, thrown away or loaded back into vehicles… as if we had never been there at all!

The truth be told, the whole event seemed to run effortlessly, but only because so many people worked so hard behind the scenes.

The beauty of WordPress is the community, and in Austin, our WordCamp volunteers proved that community is the backbone of everything we do.

WordCamp Austin Blue Ribbon Volunteers:

Ryan Duff
Melinda Helt
Eric Highland
Karen Kreps
Sherry Scott
Martha-Gail Moore
Tara Payne
Michele Myette
Andrew Lippert
Shirley Allaway
David Vogelpohl
Bella Guzman
Charleen M.
Shelly Kochhar
Debra Schmidt
Sandi Chevalier-Batik
Jackie Dana
Bobby Brooks
Brittany Highland
Colleen Lynn
Cathy Yang
Jeffrey Bernier
Robin Brown
Audrey Lentz
Lorraine Rylance
Russell Freeman
Carol Cody
Yvonne Young
Rachael Butts
Matthew Campbell
Nick Batik
Josh Miller
Sherry Lowry
Pat Ramsey
Clark Wimberly
Bill Erickson

From the Organizing Committee, and on behalf of all of our attendees:

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After Party

We had a lovely after party at Maria’s Taco Xpress.

Trust me, a lot of very tired and brain-filled WordCampers enjoyed the buffet, bar and company!

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Random Photos of WordCampers

Were you or a friend or new acquaintance caught on camera at WordPress? Look and see how many photogenic WordCampers were in Austin on Saturday!

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Austin WordCamp Means Barbecue

turkey and brisketI don’t know what they have to eat at other WordPress gatherings, but in Austin we have BBQ! Mesquite smoked barbeque from PoK-e-Jo’s Smokehouse was our caterer. It was a great lunch and we were lucky to enjoy it outdoors in the courtyard. Of course, there was a vegetarian option for those not inclined to enjoy turkey and brisket.

We especially enjoyed the bowl-balancing talent of one of the servers!
Pok-E-Jo's BBQ server balancing potato salad bowl

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WordCampers – more job opportunities!

A direct message to Austin WordCampers from one of our  sponsors. . .

Inspired by the great weekend we had at WordCamp Austin, we knocked out a quick page* to connect with us. If you are interested in working with chill people knocking down challenging projects in creative and fast paced teams, then give us a shout and we will get in touch.

Full-time, Part-time, Beer-time, or Project based work**


*WordPress + Gravity forms + sprinkle of JQuery magic
** Even if you have adopted a fully communal lifestyle denouncing all forms of capitalism, it’s still worth checking out.

Tyler Guidry

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Our very own Happiness Bar

WordPress Happiness, of course!

The Happiness table was staffed all day by volunteers and speakers. They were available to answer questions about plugins and coding and all things WordPress as well as follow up with questions on the speakers’ presentations.

Did you recognize any official WordPress Happiness Engineers?

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WordCamp Job Board

Austin WordCamp job board

Thanks to Bill Erickson for bringing the idea to Austin and to Nick Batik for loaning his newly-erased white board for the project and to Sandi and Audrey for implementing the Job Board yesterday!

Here’s how it evolved over the day . . .

Please check back later – I’ll try to list all these. Also be sure to check our sponsors’ websites as well.

And, BTW, did you know WordPress is hiring as well? Check out jobs at Automattic!

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Welcome to WordCamp 2012

Pat Ramsey made the official Welcome speech to our WordCamp in the courtyard.

Welcome banner

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