Mastering Custom Post Types

For Plugin & Theme developers comfortable with PHP!

Custom Post Types were a watershed feature added to WordPress 3.0 in 2010. Since then there has been an explosion of WordPress use for all types of sites, not just for blogs. But as with most powerful new features the reality is that taking Custom Post Types to their limit can take thousands of hours of trial and error.

But why spend all those hours with a sore forehead when you can bypass most of the effort by attending this presentation? This presentation will show all techniques in PHP code starting in WordPress theme’s functions.php file and we’ll convert to a plugin during the presentation.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Define a Custom Post Type in PHP,
  • Configure Edit Screens for Posts and Pages,
  • Set up Custom Columns in the post list admin screen,
  • Set up Custom Sorts and Filters in the post list admin screen,
  • Create Custom Meta Boxes with custom form fields,
  • Add Custom Meta Boxes for parent/child Post Types,
  • Query Custom Post Types within Theme files,
  • Create Custom Taxonomies and Assign to any Post Type, even Posts and Pages,
  • Add a Parent Post Field in a Metabox of the Post Editor,
  • Create Hierarchical URLs for Hierarchical Custom Post Types,
  • Recognize and Bypass the various gotchas you’ll run into,
  • AND maybe a few other things that come up as questions during the workshop.

This is designed to be a fast-paced presentation for people who are comfortable using PHP. We’ll show a series of code snippets so you can see how each one comes together. And we’ll make mistakes while we’re working so you can see how to get past the mistakes you will inevitably make.

About Clark Winberly:
Clark has been working with WordPress full-time for 8 years now. He’s built large client sites, high-profile blogs, and experimental playthings- all while learning new things everyday. In the past year he’s become highly active in the WordPress Austin Meetup Group, delivering a dozen or so talks to an ever-growing group of WordPress enthusiasts.

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