Running the money through the Foundation

Any WordCamp organizing team using the financial backing of the WordPress Foundation to manage the money involved with their event is required to keep the financial details of their event in an updated budget Google document (gdoc) spreadsheet which is shared with WordCamp Central.

Ticketing Revenue

  1. The org team informs WordCamp Central when they are ready to open ticket sales.
  2. WordCamp Central enters the Foundation’s Paypal information into the ticketing plugin.
  3. The org team opens ticket sales, with clear warnings on the ticketing page that refunds are not available.

Sponsorship Revenue

  1. The org team keeps a record of the sponsors they are expecting payment from in the Sponsors tab on the shared gdoc spreadsheet.
  2. The org team sends sponsors an invoice, if asked, with information on how to pay the Foundation by check or ACH transfer. Checks may be mailed to WordPress Foundation, Attn: Andrea Middleton, 4124 SE Ash St, Portland OR 97214. If paying by wire transfer, please make ACH Transfer to WordPress Foundation account: Wells Fargo, Routing: 121042882, Account: 2017428604
  3. WordCamp Central is notified when a sponsor has indicated they’re sending payment.
  4. WordCamp Central informs the org team when they receive a payment, notes the payment amount on the Sponsors tab of the shared gdoc spreadsheet for mutual reference.

Vendor Payments

  1. The org team gets their budget approved by WordCamp Central, and keeps it updated in the shared gdoc budget document as costs change.
  2. When vendors are decided on, they are added to the Vendors tab.
  3. When an invoice comes in for payment, the details are filled in on the Vendors tab (including contact info for the vendor and deadline for payment), and the invoice is forwarded to WordCamp Central.
  4. WordCamp Central checks the invoice against the updated budget document.
  5. The invoice is paid by WordCamp Central by credit card or by check. Important: check processing takes at least 5 days.
  6. Record of payment, if sent by the vendor to the org team, is forwarded to WordCamp Central.
  7. WordCamp Central notes the payment date of the expense on the shared gdoc spreadsheet Vendors tab.

In the case of last-minute expenses, org teams pay those out of pocket and scan copies of their receipts to WordCamp Central to submit for reimbursement. Reimbursement checks also turn around in 5 days.

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