Why WordPress Is A More Powerful Word Processor Than You Think

My wife. My co-bloggers on a group blog. There are plenty of people who write their blog posts in Word or some other offline program.

Whether you are new to WordPress or been blogging awhile copy/pasting from Word into WP, the WordPress editor is more powerful than you think and should be your primary place to jot down your random musings.

We’ll look at a standard WP install and show off what WordPress can do within itself. From uploading media to embedding from other sites to “zen mode, we’ll explore the features we should be using.

Additionally, we’ll check out a couple of basic plugins (JetPack, etc) to see how to supercharge the experience without sacrificing performance or security.

Don’t click on the Word icon. Leave Microsoft Live Writer alone. Just hit up your /wp-admin/ and let the words flow.

About Brandon Kraft

Brandon started building websites in 1996 and hasn’t looked back. Maintaining a “weblog” since 2002, using Movable Type for many years before crossing over to WordPress. During his time at The University of Texas at Austin, Brandon focused on the impact of technology in a society, which actually does mean more than spending too much time on Facebook.

During and after college, Brandon directed the website and social media efforts of a local non-profit before pursuing web consulting and freelancing, focusing on WordPress.  Brandon is also on the board of Austin Catholic New Media and a contributor to their WordPress-based website (http://www.austincnm.com).

Married and staying at home with two young daughters, you can follow Brandon’s quest on Twitter (@Kraft) and on his personal site (http://www.brandonkraft.com).

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