Wait, thats JQuery?

Flash used to be king, but JQuery and CSS can offer a lot more than you may realize.

I want to showcase a WordPress Project that encompasses lots of new web development methods. Using the same code for your mobile and desktop versions of your site makes sense.

I have some Responsive Theme Design Examples, I will start with a basic intro to Media Queries. Then move into some applied examples.

Then I’ll show off how we customized WordPress to handle the content with Custom Post Types, and reveal the combination of plugins (admin menu editor, simple page ordering) and code we use to customize the backend to meet the needs of our users.I have some examples of how to customize the admin panel while staying within the WordPress admin style guide. Changing custom post type icons to use a hover state, and give some examples of how theme backend management can be handled. You don’t need to keep everything in a theme panel. They are often confusing and hard to use. Instead we can add to the WordPress Interface as it stands, and follow and improve the user experience for everyone.

About: Taylor Young

I have been working with WordPress since 2007.

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