Keeping It Simple

We all love WordPress for the simplicity of its UI, but there are a few things that our users find confusing, especially in page-centric sites. (Front page vs. posts page, anyone? And which sidebar does this widget go in, again?) I’ll demonstrate a handful of plugins that simplify the WordPress experience even further. I’ll also share a little bit of code, which you can either add to your theme or use by itself as a must-use plugin, to help out users when they forget what goes where.

About: Stephanie Leary

Stephanie Leary has recently left Texas A&M University  to become a full time WordPress Consultant. She is very active in the  web design community, mostly in CSS, standards, accessibility issues, and contributing to the WordPress Community. She is the author of Beginning WordPress 3, published by Apress and  has also published over a dozen plugins. Most of Stephanie’s themes have been proprietary client projects, but she has published a couple of demos from the book. She also publishes WordPress tips on a regular basis.

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