Darth Vader’s Guide to SEO and Galactic Domination

Getting ahead online is becoming more and more critical in order to grow your business. Google isn’t helping you out any by constantly changing the rules and making Adwords an expensive alternative. This is especially true as you aim to compete in industries like hosting. We’ll take a look at how Enterprise SEO can and should be done by addressing the following popular concerns:

1. SEO Opportunities for WordPress
What are the new enhancements and plugins available for WordPress that
can advance SEO for enterprise level web properties? How and why
should they be implemented?

2. Micro-formats and the semantic web –
What can we, as humans, do to make our websites more attractive to the
search engines? We’ll look at how to utilize semantic markup to
provide the best information to search engines and users.

3. Scalable SEO workflows –
When your site’s only 5 pages of content you just need to write
something and pick some keywords. When your site’s 500 pages things
get a little more complicated. Setting up proper workflows is critical
to succeeding while you’re playing with the big dogs.

4. SEO tools –
There are a wealth of outside SEO tools available. Learn who the top
SEO companies are using and why. The best part is you can find
enterprise level tools on a bootstrapped budget.

5. Link building tips –
Don’t pay for link building until you see these slides. I’ll cover the
full spectrum of link building techniques from pure white to pitch
black. Links are still important and you’re going to need a ton of
good ones if you want to compete for the top keywords in any industry.

Questions Answered
What is Enterprise SEO?
How do I leverage my CMS for SEO?
What are micro-formats and how do I use them?
How do I create an SEO workflow?
What SEO tools should I be using?
Can I out link build wikipedia?

About: Josh Ward

Josh Ward is currently the Director of Sales and Marketing at A Small Orange. Here, he is responsible for overseeing the branding, marketing, and sales strategy across all the A Small Orange Brands. Going back in his past you’ll find SEO, linux administration and
brokering network equipment. Josh is a husband, father of four, occasional traveler, and bourbon drinker.

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