Blogging For The Real World

Too often, we start a blog with an idea and then don’t know what to do with it.  In this session, we’ll be talking about:
*  Finding your voice
*  They’re coming for you
*  Keep ’em coming, babe
*  Please, let’s eat Grandma
*  What if they don’t come?

About: Laurie Leiker 

Laurie comes to EatShareLive from Lonely Gourmet, a food-related website that’s enjoyed a big following for the last 2 years and continues to build.  At EatShareLive, she’s the one responsible for the content – from the recipes to the forums and everything in between.  Laurie’s experience in training, development and radio/TV brings a lot to the table in terms of providing readers the information they want and need, in a fun, creative way.  Her experience also helps her to bring all that learning to bear on her view of writing for the web.

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