Developing a Distinctive Online Voice

You know those great bloggers you just love to read because you feel like you can “hear” them talking to you when you read their stuff? Their personalities seem so vivid, like people you know (or want to know), even if you’ve never seen nor met them in your life. You visit their sites over and over again, feeling like you’re visiting a friend’s house, eager to see what they have to say each day. That’s because they have strong and distinctive voices that come through in every word they type. How do they do that?

In this workshop, learn how to cultivate your own distinctive voice in your writing, building authenticity and your personal brand in the process and engaging readers more effectively. We will analyze blog posts written with particularly engaging voices and identify what makes them linguistically unique. Then, in an interactive workshop, you will describe your blogging persona in-depth and practice tweaking passages with word choice and varying grammatical patterns until you stand out from the crowd with writing that consistently demonstrates your own strong and unique personal voice.


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