New: Job Board at WordPress Austin!

Have you checked out the links for all the generous sponsors who make a WordCamp affordable?

Several of them are hiring! I saw job opportunities posted  on WPEngine, RackSpace, MediaTemple, A Small Orange and heard about them at Eye in the Sky Collective.

5/21 Update: Also check Modifly!

Of course, VitaminT  and The Creative Group search for talent on an ongoing basis.

Want to hang out around coffee? Texenza Coffee hires baristas!

You’ll be able to meet sponsors at various times during WordCamp AND at the afterparty, so don’t forget to bring a few business cards if you’re looking for work or talent!

Also, we will be having a WordPress “Job Board” posted in the Happiness Bar / Mission Control Room.

This will just be a big while board with markers so folks can post positions they need and folks post positions they have.

This was Bill Erickson’s idea. They did something like this at the Phoenix WordCamp.

See you all tomorrow!

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One Response to New: Job Board at WordPress Austin!

  1. This is a great idea! I am trying to hire a web designer right now, and we use WordPress for . This job is so new, we don’t even have the job description posted yet! I’ll be sure to write it up on the job board tomorrow at WordCamp!