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final job board

Job Board

As promised, here’s what was on the Job Board at WordCamp Austin. Now Nick can erase it all!

A few weren’t quite legible by the end of the day, so if that was you then contact us and we’ll get it fixed!

So, kinda going in a clockwise circle around the board. . .

Highly experienced Content Creator Karen Johnson

Hiring a WP Dev in the next few weeks
mark-c@txwn.ed (??)
?? community ??

@billerickson is hiring designers.
Work with client to create PSD.
I handle dev

Hiring web designers (full-time)
(creative skills, content, use WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite)
Jeffrey Palermo

2500 Business Cards $90

Designer for hire (?)

DARS needs web dev
Ally specialist

Designer for Hire
Ansa Copeland
WordPress, Joomla, UI, UX

Developers needed
Cntact Melissa Villiamzar
Looking for designers

Senior Software Developer Needed
.Net/C#, SQL server

Looking for WP theme develop—(?)
We design, you make the theme –
contract/part time
work from home!

Always on the hunt
for fab designers, developers & writers
Vitamin T

Looking for theme dev

Design work wanted
Deb Schmidt

Designer needed FT

Hiring full time
Android & IOS developers

Looking for Freelance / PT
WP, Drupal, HTML, CSS


Bobbie Wilson
Looking for projects!
WordPress Dev
HTML Ninja
CSS Superstar

Looking for
freelance WP Devs

The Creative Group
Helping WordPress developers
like you find freelance
and full-time work!

Developers Needed
Eye in the Sky is hiring
WP Plug-in Developers

Designer for hire
Eva Gonzales

WP Engine
-WP Support
-System Administration
WPE is hard work and tons of fun! <--- watch that!

Sponsor Job Pages

In case you missed these. . .

Check out jobs at Automattic!


A Small Orange
Eye in the Sky Collective.

The Creative Group

Texenza Coffee

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