WordCamp Austin 2012 FAQs

Where will the Austin 2012 WordCamp be held?

AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine
4701 West Gate Boulevard  Austin, TX 78745

What is the capacity of the venue?

The venue can accommodate 230-attendees.

We have four state of the art classrooms that hold fifty-five people each.
Additionally we have one room for the Genius Bar and un-conference-like get togethers.

We will have four presentations going simultaneously during every time slot.

If you can’t get into your presentation of choice, please be cool and go to another presentation or go visit the Genius Bar and get or give some personal attention.

When will tickets go on sale?

By mid March, or as soon as WordCamp Central gives us to OK

How much are the tickets for the Austin 2012 WordCamp?

$20 — an insanely great deal that includes a tee-shirt, lunch, snacks and beverages.

Do WordCamp Volunteers need to buy a ticket?

Yes, you cannot volunteer or go to WordCamp without a buying a ticket.

How will I know when tickets are available for sale?

When WordCamp Central gives us the OK to open ticket sales the Organizing Team will send out an eMail announcement to the Austin WordPress Meetup group and post it to the Austing WordPress Google Groups Forum.

How do I buy my ticket?

All Austin 2012 WordCamp tickets will be sold online through the WordCamp Austin 2012 website using WP Event Ticketing. Ticket payments will be processed through PayPal. If you went through our registration ticketing process and paid by Paypal you should have a badge waiting for you at Registration. You do not need to bring a receipt, but your Paypal receipt wouldn’t hurt if a problem pops up.

Will there be Walk-in ticket sales available the day of WordCamp?

No. To facilitate faster check-in the day of WordCamp registration will be closed on Monday, May 14th. That will give the volunteers time to organize things like the attendees lists, name badges and registration packets in advance, rather than doing it the night before WordCamp. (It is going to be a big day, we need our rest.)

Based on previous level of community participation for any Austin WordPress event, we anticipate all 230 tickets will be sold within a few weeks after ticket sales open.
So, Do Not procrastinate if you want to go to WordCamp Austin 2012

A cautionary tale for Would-be Walk-ins

Please don’t show up the day of the WordCamp hoping to get in without being registered because we will just hate to have to turn you away. We cannot take any walk-ins. All people who are registered will be wearing large badges throughout the conference.

The only way you may be able to get a ticket after we sell out, is to get one from someone who isn’t going to use theirs. You are welcomed to do this, but understand that Tee-shirts and meals have already been ordered and the orders can’t be changed, so you will get the Tee-shirt and meal choice that your ticket came with.

Since we do not actually issue paper tickets at the time of purchase, you will need to have the name and e-mail address and a transaction receipt of some sort, from the person that you got your ticket from.

If You Bought a Ticket You Don’t Need

We do not offer refunds on ticket sales. If you have a ticket but can’t come, you can let us know ahead of time and we can hook you up with someone looking for a ticket.

There are so many folks in the Austin WordPress Group that want to go to WordCamp, why didn’t you get a venue with a bigger capacity?

Time, Talent and Treasure would be the fast answer.

This is our first year working under the new rules for putting on a WordCamp. The Austin WordPress organizers thought is would be best to take the mentoring advice from WordCamp Central and grow our WordCamp expertise incrementally. Our first WordCamp was held at CoSpace and could only accomidate 60 attendees. We are testing our organizational wings by growing that to 230 attendees this year. With solid community support and a great volunteer turnout, we hope to double that number next year.

Will the sessions be videotaped?

Yes. We are videotaping each of the presentations and they will be available on WordPress TV. If you just can’t wait for WordCamp to be here, you can visit WordPress TV and catch wonderful presentations from other WordCamps.

How can I give back to the WP community and make WordCamp Austin 2012  a great experience?

Share the WordPress Love. Our badges will identify folks as Beginner, Blogger, Designer or  Developer. These designations were self-selected by folks when they registered for WordCamp.

We did this so attendees can reach out and meet others and  so you can show our newcomers some extra attention.

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