Austin WordCamp Means Barbecue

turkey and brisketI don’t know what they have to eat at other WordPress gatherings, but in Austin we have BBQ! Mesquite smoked barbeque from PoK-e-Jo’s Smokehouse was our caterer. It was a great lunch and we were lucky to enjoy it outdoors in the courtyard. Of course, there was a vegetarian option for those not inclined to enjoy turkey and brisket.

We especially enjoyed the bowl-balancing talent of one of the servers!
Pok-E-Jo's BBQ server balancing potato salad bowl

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One Response to Austin WordCamp Means Barbecue

  1. Great photos. I’ve been enjoying them. I’m so glad you got the lady carrying bowls of potato salad on her head! She was awesome and so was the vegetarian food.

    The servers wanted to know “What is WordCamp?”, because no one could quit talking, even as they went through the serving line. The head lady, the one with the long side-swept ponytail, told me she had to actually kind of push people through.

    Sandi gave her a great answer as she signed the bill for the food. Then I happened to overhear the Pok-E-Jo’s lady tell the others who asked her as soon as she got back to the truck, “Did you find out what WordCamp is?”